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Fair usage policy

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RPM INFOVISION™’s Fair usage policy

We at RPM follow a Fair–Use Policy (FUP) and expect our valued subscribers to understand it completely. The FUP enable us to offer a liberal amount of unlimited phone, email and remote support all across Australia for an economic cost to customers who have “standard’ usage of our services. To provide regular users with uninterrupted services we sometimes have to restrict excessive usage by some subscribers.

The FUP was first put in place to ensure all users get their fair share of services from RPM. RPM Remote Support Plan offers bounteous usage to all its customers, but we also have to make sure that the services are not maltreated.

Implications of the Fair-Use Policy

If an account shows excessive usage* RPM may withhold its services to such a subscriber.

To make sure that none of our subscribers are unreasonably declined any of our services we follow the below mentioned procedure:

  • First Month – RPM may call an excessive user* to discuss reasons for high usage. Whenever there is a temporary spike in usage, no regressive arrangements are required.
  • Second Month – If the excessive usage* continues well into the second month then RPM may contact the subscriber to discuss and alternative plan which does not hamper service availability to other subscribers on the same plan.
  • Third Month – If excessive usage* is not curbed in the third month also then RPM may have no other option than to terminate services and inform the subscriber.

Excessive Usage

The FUP defines excessive use‘a continued highly disproportionate use of the RPM Remote Support Plan’ as compared to other users on the same plan. If a subscriber is using RPM Remote Support Plan (remote/phone/email support) in excess of thrice the average usage of all other subscribers on the same plan, this would be considered Excessive Usage.

Unreasonable Use

Your usage of the RPM Remote Support Plan will be considered ‘Unreasonable’ if it is found to be fraudulent in any manner or to be adversely affecting another subscriber’s usage. In the event of such an occurrence your unlimited phone/remote/email support as part of the RPM Remote Support Plan may be immediately suspended without prior notice.

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